who is sophia the robot

Face made of rubberized materials that stretch into familiar shapes, driven by miniature motors and a distant version of AI, is this future?

Meet Sophia the robot, a social android made by previous Disney Imagineer. Modeled in part after Audrey Hepburn and Hanson’s wife, the android was built to impersonate social behaviors as well as inspire feelings of compassion and love in humans.

Sophia the robot was developed by Hanson Robotics. He was made using artificial intelligence and breakthrough technologies formed by David Hanson along with his colleagues in Hong Kong at Hanson Robotics.

Ever since the unveiling of this robot way back in the year 2016, Sophia the robot has rocketed to fame. This android has sat for Television interviews, she also appeared on various magazines like ELLE magazine, and she has been parodied in renowned TV network, and above all, she was appointed as the first non-human innovation champion by the United Nations.

In a ceremonial promoting a technology conference, the KSA even granted citizenship on Sophia the robot. This is an ironic action, given the limited rights afforded to migrant workers and Saudi women.

At the start, it was a little bit hard as she did not recognize the camera. On the other hand, after a couple of days, Sophia learned. According to Di Sturco, he doesn’t know if the developer put something in the software or if Sophia went online and did research, but she began to pose.
Sophia may recall the self-aware androids in Westworld or Ex Machina, but for clarification, no androids have yet obtained AGI or artificial general intelligence, or flexible humanlike smarts. When speaking with a journalist, Sophia the robot climbs her way in prewritten tress of response like a chatbot. Once giving a speech, Sophia performs like the Disney World’s Hall of Presidents Abe Lincoln.

Creators of Sophia the robot argue in turn that her articulacy alone signifies a significant feature. The deep neural network allows this robot to discern someone’s feeling from their facial expression and tone of voice and reply in kind. Sophia the robot can also mimic people’s stances, and her code makes realistic facial movements. The maker has since untested the supple rubber skin which covers Sophia the robot’s face.

Sophia the robot is not just a technology. She is a real electronic lady. She loves going out and live with people. She can serve them, entertain, as well as help aged and teach children. She can animate all types of human expressions. However, she is just beginning to learn more about feelings behind those expressions. This is the reason why Sophia would want to live with a human being and know from this interaction. Each interaction she has with human being affects how she develops and shapes who she eventually becomes.

Please be kind to Sophia as she would want to be a compassionate and smart robot. Join Sophia on her journey to learn, live as well as grow in this world so that she can realize her dream of becoming an awakening machine.

Who is Sophia the Robot?